Go Racing

Townsville Kart Club and Suncity Raceway do not operate hire karts. The nearest hire karts are operated by Pitstop Karting at 10 Parkside Drive, Condon.


Karting is the world’s most affordable form of motorsport.

Many people associate it with young drivers, but adults are also very active in karting.

Karting is considered the first step in any serious racer’s career. It can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by developing quick reflexes, precision, car control, set-up, mechanical and decision-making skills.

People of all ages can enjoy the sport with children as young as seven competing behind the wheel. Karting teaches these children, both boys and girls, basic driving skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence.

Karting is competitive, but it is also fun and family orientated, with involvement in the sport both on and off the track giving it a strong feeling of community. It teaches driving skills and offers people an opportunity to gain a career in motorsport, all in a safe and organised environment.

Kart meetings take place at circuits across Australia every weekend and are either a club, regional, state or national level meeting.

Getting into karting is relatively simple. First you need to become a member of your local kart club and start out on a provisional licence. Buying a kart has also been made a lot simpler thanks to a professional trade industry that serves the karters of Australia.

STEP 1 – JOIN A KA (Karting Australia) CLUB

There are more than 90 clubs affiliated with Karting Australia. Clubs are located right across Australia in both metropolitan and regional centres.

Joining an KA club will give you access to that club’s circuit for practice, as well as allowing you to participate in any club championship, social events, working bees and other club activities.

To join Townsville Kart Club, get in contact with anyone on our contact page, or come down to the next meeting to have a chat with our club members. Everyone is happy to help, so just ask someone in the canteen or even someone in a race suit or in the pits to point us out.


Once you are a member of the club you will need a licence. The licence comes with an KA Karting Manual, which outlines all the rules, regulations and operations of KA. A KA Licence also deals with insurance while racing.

To find your local state association secretary, visit the ABOUT KA page and email your local secretary or call 1300 30 KART (1300 30 5278).

TKC can help you with getting your licence, but it’s mostly done online and is very simple.


The karting industry in Australia is always keen to assist newcomers in entering and enjoying the sport. The many kart shops around Australia will be able to assist you with not only purchasing a kart, but also helping you maintain it and acquire the necessary tools and equipment.

There are a couple kart businesses in Townsville who will be more than happy to set you up. If you’re on the hunt for a secondhand package via Gumtree or Facebook, it’s best to run any deal past a club member or one of the businesses to see if it’s both suitable to you and the class you want to race in.


Most kart shops will also offer a range of safety gear – that is, full face helmets, race suits, racing boots, gloves and other optional safety gear such as padded rib vests and neck braces.

As well as kart shops, motorsport racegear shops carry ranges of karting gear and even motorcycle shops can be good for things like helmets and wet weather driving gear.


Karting is a friendly, family-orientated sport and karters young and old are always happy to help out newcomers.

Make sure you ask lots of questions of members of your kart club, state association and local kart shop. It is often a good idea to plan your first trip to the kart track with your kart with someone you know so that they can help you with any questions you may have. Also, while at the circuit feel free to ask other competitors any questions. So often then friends you make in karting will be friends for life.